We offer services for all aspects of tree care to make sure your trees are well cared for and your garden is in great shape. We offer up to date pruning techniques that will not be detrimental to your trees health but enable you to regain sun or that special view.

After a free consultation we can advise the following services that best suits your needs:

  • tree removals
  • height reductions
  • shaping
  • thinning
  • pruning
  • hedge trimming
  • planting
  • transplanting
  • stump removal
  • brush chipping

I offer the following services:

From individual or group plantings. Turners Tree Care will ensure you get the right plants in the right area. Local contacts with Habitat Restoration who specialise in native plantings.

Pruning and hedge trimming:
Turners Tree Care will assess your trees, shrubs and hedges and offer advice and options on various pruning techniques that will best suit your tree or shrub.

Tree pruning:
Trees require pruning for a variety of reasons for example, vehicle access, house clearance, maintaining or creating views, adding light into a property or home, storm damage or maintaining shape.
These can be achieved in a variety of ways such as crown thinning, height reduction or removing dead wood.
I use modern techniques that are not detrimental to your trees overall health.

Tree removals:
From small to large tree removals Turners Tree Care will ensure your tree is removed safely and efficiently leaving firewood and wood chips onsite if required.

Stump grinding:
Removes the whole stump to ensure easy replant or grass over options.

Wood chipping:
Create mulch for the garden by putting it through the chipper.